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Virtual Private Servers

Our OVZ based budget VPS services run on enterprise level hardware. VPS provide root level features without additional hardware cost. VPS features include:

  • Root Access
  • Dedicated Ram
  • Dedicated Hard Drive Space
  • Personal IP space
  • Budget Pricing
  • Self Managed

Dedicated Servers

Barebone dedicated servers provided with a budget price tag, within a enterprise class datacentre. Dedicated features include:

  • All VPS features
  • Full Kernel Management
  • Independent Hardware
  • Dedicated Disk I/O
  • Budget Pricing
  • Self Managed

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Our UK Ultra Budget VPS plans and pricing

Ram Harddrive Burst Bandwidth IPs Price
UOVM - 64B 64MB 5G 128MB 200GB 1 £12/yr
£8/year with Discount
UOVM - 128B 128MB 5G 256MB 500GB 1 £16/yr
£12/year with Discount
UOVM - 256B 256MB 10GB 512MB 750GB 1 £24/yr
UOVM - 512B 512MB 20GB 1024MB 1TB 1 £48/yr

Our USA IPV4 Budget VPS plans and pricing

Ram Harddrive vSwap Bandwidth IPs Price
BOVM - 512MB 512MB 25G 512MB 250GB 1 $4/mnth
BOVM - 1GB 1GB 50G 1GB 500GB 1 $7.50/mnth
BOVM - 2GB 2GB 100G 2GB 1TB 2 $12/mnth
BOVM - 4GB 4GB 200GB 4GB 2TB 2 $22/mnth

Dedicated Servers

We Offer a full range of budget dedicated servers. To obtain a quote please email sales [at]

Network and Datacentres

To ensure our enterprise level hardware is maximized to its full potential we have carefully selected our datacentre and network partnerships.

UK - Our technology base is within Rapidswitch`s Berkshire location which provides both outstanding network capacity, which exceeds 10gbps of multiholmed bandwidth, and a truly secure, state of the art complex.

USA - Partners in multiple geographic locations enable us to provide great pricing in the area you require. Multiholmed Network capacity in abundance within state of the art, secure locations.

Payment Methods

We currently accept: Paypal, Googlecheckout, Moneybookers, UK cheque, US check. Some payments may not be available during sign up and contact will be required to activate the method.

Our clients say

"My correspondence with the owner was a real pleasure, he`s very friendly and intelligent, and I can tell he really knows what he`s doing. The plan I tested had one of the fastest hard drive I/O’s I`ve seen as well as 100Mbps throughput!"


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